Bitcoin Bookmakers

Everybody is talking about bitcoin. This is even not money. This is just a piece of code, software, that is used as money. Somebody called Satoshi Nakamoto released it in 2009. Come on, we even don’t know who this Nakamoto is. We even don’t know if this is a real name, a nickname, or maybe it is a group of people? Maybe it is all important, but we are interested in bitcoin as far as there are bitcoin bookmakers.

NetBet Bookmaker Review
100% up to €/£50

One of the most popular sites in the UK market, as well as in Europe. High odds and low margin. From the home page you will be able to calculate the prospects of winning, and even to learn in advance the full amount of possible incomes.

Betser Bookmaker Review
100% up to €100

The new sportsbook with a modern and clean look, unique promotions and betting experience such as “Pulse Betting” (betting on the time the next goal will be scored) or money back when the match ends nil-nil (0-0) and others. Good option for Europe.

Betsafe Bookmaker Review
100% up to €100

Since launched in 2006 has gained popularity and now has more than 400 000 customers in 100 countries. Besides sports, you can bet on events of show business, politics, and the weather forecast. There is also an online casino with the poker room.

NightRush Bookmaker Review
50% up to $100

Relatively new bookmaker, but at the same time it offers a decent selection of sports and competitions with a good welcome bonus. It is also worth to be considered for football fans, as there is a great attention to this kind of sport.

22Bet Bookmaker Review
100% bonus up to $122

Betsson Bookmaker Review
2 x 100% up to €150

Sweden bookmaker founded in 1963 and available online since 2004. Presents over 4000 sports betting channels with very attractive odds. Accepts bets on sports events, as well as on the events in politics, show business and the world of cinema.

Paddy Power Bookmaker Review

Ireland’s biggest, most successful, security conscious and innovative bookmaker. Functionality and navigation of the site are made in accordance with the most advanced ideas and requirements: convenient, functional, pleasant to look at and play.

Bovada Review

Betway Bookmaker Review
100% up to £30

More than 30,000 sports betting markets, with a wide range of markets available live and in-play. Competitive odds, offers and money-back specials throughout the sporting calendar. Betway also provides an opportunity to play online casino games.

Parimatch Bookmaker Review
100% up to €/$25

Reliable, time-proven betting company with more than 20 sports and 60 countries, 200 leagues and 600 dayly sporting events to bet on. Easy to use interface to find all major events in the world of sports and politics and show business.

Bitcoin Details

The main thing since bitcoin creation is that this currency has made an amazing way. Now, it is the most popular crypto-coin in the world. And it is the most expensive currency, as well. So, many companies now integrate this currency as one of the money kinds to work with. When it comes to bookmakers, there are very few that work with it.

Can we really trust bitcoin bookmakers? And what about payouts in these mysterious coins? Do these betting houses exist at all?

Yes, there are. Many enterprises are ok with the most popular crypto as if it were fiat money. Would you place a bet with such a bookmaker? If such bookmaker is reliable enough?

As you can guess, there are several alternatives of course. In the very end, you can select fiat money. Or you might prefer any currency, supported by your bookmaker (see table below). There are many more, but these are the most reliable. Does your bitcoin bookmaker support these crypto-currencies? That is perfect, you can select any of them.

Bitcoin Alternatives

The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

As we have said, this crypto-coin is the most reliable cryptocurrency. That is why it is the most expensive. Do you know how much one coin is? It costs just a lot! That looks like a perfect currency to work with, doesn’t it?

Moreover, bitcoin offers you complete anonymity. Nobody will know who your coins belong to. They will see just the transaction in the blockchain, and that’s it. You don’t have to provide sensitive financial information. Again, this crypto-money looks like a perfect currency, doesn’t it?

However, don’t hurry to make your judgements. Not all is that simple. Bitcoin is very volatile. Its price can surge within seconds. As well, it can drop for some thousands of USD in some seconds. You might be wondering if it is possible to forecasts these changes? Well, you can make guesses if you know the market very well, but those are just guesses. In the case with any crypto, standard factors don’t work. This is the main disadvantage of this cryptocurrency.

However, there is one detail that you should know. There are two kinds of bitcoin bookmakers:

  • Those that work with crypto only
  • Those that work both with crypto-money and fiat money

If you bet with the first category, there is no need to worry about such thing as volatility. Just make a deposit, place bets and wait for results. You deposit your coins and you get them if you win.

However, if you bet with the second category, you should be super careful. Such bookmaker will convert your crypto-coins into fiat money. If the crypto-coin price drops, you will lose a huge sum just because of the conversion rate. Hence, with the bitcoin bookmakers, that work with real money you are risking twice: while betting and while letting your crypto-currency be exchanged to fiat money. And you win nothing if the crypto-coin price surges: your crypto-coins are converted to fiat money.


  • complete anonymity and security due to blockchain technology
  • no intermediaries
  • increasing winnings with bitcoin appreciation


  • very volatile currency

Bitcoin Bookmakers FAQs

How do these bookmakers work then? Are there any differences from usual betting houses? Some questions and responses you can find here.

Are bitcoin bookmakers safe?

Bookmakers have different safety requirements. Supported currencies do not belong to them.

Are there territorial restrictions?

There are absolutely no territorial restrictions. When you make a transaction, it is registered in the blockchain and encrypted. Nobody could track it back to you. All they see is just the transaction number.

How fast a bitcoin transaction be made?

It takes time to make a transaction in this coin. It should be saved and confirmed on several servers. The confirmation time depends on many factors including the sum that you transfer. The higher the sum is, the more chances you have to get it confirmed fast.

Bitcoin bookmakers are not so rare nowadays. Many people believe, that they can win a fortune if they make a deposit in bitcoin. However, you should know, that all depends on luck. Bitcoin has very big advantages and very significant drawbacks, so, only you decide, what is better for you.